troubles with server


i developed a small application on my computer, then i tried to upload it on a web server and see what happened…

Well, it doesn’t work.

The login system tells me it can’t find the file assets\9703e236\autocomplete\indicator.gif in order to copy it… actually the file is in another assets directory: assets/af17882 !!

so i tried to rename that directory to the one yii’s looking for… now i can login, but Yii can’t find PDO.php:

what’s the matter?

thanks a lot! :)


i think i solved… yii/requirements says the server doesn’t have the PDO+mysql extension… probably that’s the matter! :(

The PHP PDO extension is missing on the server, you have to get it installed.


now i have another problem: after having to change the name of another assets folder, now i get this error:

what’s the matter? :)


You do not have sufficient permissions to create a directory on the server.

thanks… yeah, that seems to be the problem, but i can’t get where i should set permissions to 777.

BTW, on windows there’s no way to change permissions to 777 through filezilla… does anyone know how to do that?


Make sure you have a directory called ‘assets’ in your webroot (where index.php file is) and it’s chmod to 0777. How to set this up on filezilla is out of my reach.

Maybe start over by clearing your assets folder and make sure first, that the webserver process has write access to it. Besides that you should never rename/add anything inside the assets folder manually.