trouble with path - mapserver

hi ho!

I have one problem and i wish someone can help me! :rolleyes:

well, I have one folder that contains my image’s map generated by mapserver [ms_temp]

but, the yii dont search this folder /ms_temp/image.png, the yii only look if i change to ms_temp/image.png… but I need to be /ms_temp/image.png :(

<input type=“image” border=“1” src=“ms_temp/image.png” name=“img”> yii look this :D


<input type=“image” border=“1” src="/ms_temp/image.png" name=“img”> :( I need allow that yii interpreter this url.

sorry for my bad english

any help?

It seems that this has more to do with your directory structure. when you put the slash in front, the path will be absolute to your webroot directory (the same directory where points to). so you have to bring the ms_temp folder there.

that is exactly that I do, I put the ms_temp in the webroot [htdocs] and remap the Apache Alias /ms_tmp/ "C:/ms4w/Apache/htdocs/ms_temp/" and shazan! run!

but i would like that apache alias Alias /ms_tmp/ “C:/ms4w/Apache/htdocs/YiiProject/ms_temp/” for the ms_temp stay within the scope project, but this don’t run :(

thanks for reply! :D