Trouble Understanding Modules

Hi guys!

I’m sorry for my (probably) dumb questions, but I’m new at Yii and I have been reading a lot and still don’t quite get it.

In Yii, a module can be seen as a small application, that needs to run inside a real one. And an application can use many modules.


1 - Once “inside” a module, it’s the module itself who runs the application, the flow of events, right?

2 - We can only manage the use of modules through URLs, right?

3 - And, most importantly, a module isn’t something that can “coexist” with other components, right? I mean, it is not possible to have two modules at the same time, nor it is to use a module and still be inside a controller in our application. We can’t “compose” a page with multiple modules (like in joomla).

Thanks in advance!

Any thoughts? :rolleyes: