Hi all,

today we’re proud to release the beta version of (, a Yii powered webapp.

Triptapp is a place where you can share your travel experiences (places you visited, itinerary you followed, photos, suggestions) directly on a map. While this is great to organize and store your trips, in the meantime you allow others to know other parts of the World and find new travel ideas.

With ratings and comments for every trip, we find that this is a very authentic way to create travellers communities.

Triptapp is based on Yii and relies on a NoSql database, if you’d like to have other informations just ask.

It took about 8 months to build the entire system.

If you have time to give it a try and let us know what you think, that would be great!

Thank to the Yii community for such a great piece of code.


Congrats with nice app!

Regarding questions, I have a couple.

DId you use MongoDB or other NoSQL db? Have you used any extension for the db?

Any additional comments on usage of the db with your project will be appreciated.

And regarding suggestions, I’d suggested to improve blog’s look - as it just uses not adapted to your site wordpress theme. Also, there’s no clear link from the block back to the main web-site. The second suggestion is to show country name at articles sections and at article’s pages and to add Search By Country. And I’d hide index.php in urls - they looks redundant to me :).

Hi Yugene,

thank you for your suggestions.

We use MongoDB as backend, with the yiimongodbsuite and directmongodbsuite (even if we use direct queries most of the time to keep things light).

For the moment we have a fairly basic setup for the database: indexes are in place, we try to keep a small number of collections and use the power of a noSql db.

I’m now trying to extract as much informations as I can from the database statistics to be ready for any problem.

We’re trying to see how things evolve before adding any new feature, but we are very happy to get feedback so we can add them to the new features’ “bucket”!

Search part will be the first to be improved I think :slight_smile:

Thanks again, hope to see you on triptapp :slight_smile:

Thank you!

nice one,

+1 for this.

Thank you! Glad you liked it!

nice to see great application running on MongoDB.

my Question:

at any point in time did a need raised to write MongoDB directly without using the directmongodbsuite?


nice +1

Hi binkabir and thank you for your compliments.

Well, directmongodbsuite is pretty straightforward, there’s not a structure that slows down the application and actually, you are writing direct queries using it: it makes simpler for you to connect and choose the collection, but the query are the same as in the php library.

Our main concern was to keep things light and being able to scale; when I say direct queries I mean without using YiiMongoDbSuite.

Keep in mind that we use it only to read and create cursor to use in the pages, not to write.

Hope this helps.



very interesting, thanks for the responses.

do you mean that directMongoDBsuite was for only reading and creating cursors, then what tool did you use the write the your DB.



We prefer to use YiiMongoDBSuite to write and update Mongo, even if we’re exploring othere possibilities (not other extensions, just a lighter internal library).

I think MongoDb drivers are very solid, so you can use them directly.

thanks for the ideas.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Very nice interface and functions… Do you mind to share any modules using for frontend and backend?..

Thank you Michael for your compliments, I really appreciate them.

We don’t use so many extensions actually.

We use YiiMongoDBSuite and DirectMongoSuite for the database and a highly customized version of eauth/eoauth for social login, the rest is self-made code :slight_smile:

Hope this helps