Tricky URL rewrite

Hello everyone,

I have the following rewrite rule set up in my main.php configuration file:



  '/<slug:[A-Z]+>' => 'url/redirect',






so it means, that all the requests that come in as:, get sent to my Url controller, redirect action.

It actually works perfectly, as long as I have showScriptName=true. (but my links have the "ugly" index.php in the Url :confused: )

How can I use showScriptName=false, and keep my rewrite rule …



Hmm, it should work the same with showScriptName=false. What happens if you disable it?

Oh, and maybe try to leave away the ‘/…’ on the first rule and add a separate ‘/’ rule for your start page. Other than that i don’t see, why it shouldn’t work without index.php.