Tree View non Binary Tree

Hi everyone. I’m developing web app for MLM company. The system is that the user might have as many downline as possible, with depth = 10. Buat the horizontal child is limitless. So, the system is matrix 10 x N (unlimited)that is 10 level depth matrix with the total amount of each level is limitless.

Is there any extension applicable for this system ? I have tried some tree extension but all of them are binary tree, which I think can’t be implemented with my condition. Thanks

So max depth is always 10 and max width isn’t limited. That’s still a tree. What are the most common actions you want to do with it?

Sorry for the late reply. The most common action that I will do is to add child to the node and since this is a MLM apps, the system will add the point to its uplines.

What I see from your extension is that it will have lft and rgt nodes, which I think the tree have to be binary ?

Then I don’t think netsted set is the right choice. These are good for selecting a subtree but aren’t good if you’re adding nodes too often. What about just using adjacent list?

Hmm, I see. Alright then, I’ll consider using adjacency list. Thanks for the advice :)