Travel Lead Generation Platfrom

I am glad today to present our redesigned travel lead generation platform (Travel Buddy Africa), converted from the Joomla Platform, to Yii Framework. We aim to connect discerning travelers to the most reliable, efficient and cost effective operators in Africa. We are 70% done and mostly the biggest chunk remain is content and some backend stuff.

what i have been trying to achieve for years with CMS platform i have accomplished in a few weeks with Yii Framework.

You can preview our travel portal here I would love to you’re your opinion and feedback good or bad. As mentioned some section are incomplete – work in progress but if you get serious bugs and issues. Kindly contact us on

I would also love great pointers on how to improve or ideas on what works best.

Thank you very much in advance!

I love Yii

Very nice website man.

But a got an error on

Thanks very much and the error from the above url is fixed. Content is King but not a walk in the park developing it.

Currently working on an API specification for Travel Buddy Africa Travel Buddy Africa using Restful Web Services.

In same way, we are running from Argentina, also Yii powered.

Have a good year !!