Translations in Gii generated views

It would be great if all the text strings in the views generated by Gii were wrapped in some kind of translation function so I could easily change the common words in my own language without having to edit all the views.

In fact - I prefer translating views by creating copy of this view in subdirectory of language name than using Yii::t() to translate every literal in views. using multiple files should be faster than calling same function very often in every view…

I don’t mind the few extra miliseconds, what I really like is the ability to have a language-pack that I can just drop in every app I create without having to touch the views. Creating multiple translated versions of the same view could work, but you’ll have to do every modification several times. Further, if you need a lot of translations, you can send the language-file to a translator and you can put the translated copy right back in your app.

If speed was really a problem, you can always use caching.

I just noticed this is already available in giix… sweet