Translations for english


I have an application in production, and in views i’ve used everywhere Yii::t and at the end i’ve generated the messages command so the file app.php is created in messages/en/app.php with a large array.

Now, i want to change some text in the application, and i don’t want to change in every view file this text, so i thought maybe i can apply the same logic that i do when i set a french language:

  1. a new folder fr is created in messages

  2. locate app.php and edit the value of the english keyword like

'Thanks' => 'Merci',

But if i do the exact same logic with english language set like :

'Thanks' => 'Thank you',

, then it doesn’t work.

Any ideas how can i use translation logic for english language?

Thank you!

well I don’t know why you would do that, but here is a how you can get it to work.

'language' => 'en-US',

'sourceLanguage' => 'en-UK', // set the sourceLanguage to different language