Translation for Gii code generation

Hi all,

is there a clean way to introduce translation in Gii.

All messages for Admin Panel are in English (I like very much this language, but it is not native language for some of us, and some customers also…)


For translation, read this section of the manual.

You have to change all labels (when I say all, I mean ALL labels) from the generated code from:

'Create user'


Yii::t('user', 'Create user');

As it is a really boring work, many people create his own template in order to have the label already translated.

That is not your case, you have to change all labels…

Thanks Zaccaria, I know now what will be my week-end…

Ha ha ha!! )))

Maybe it will be faster to create a template and regenerate a part of untouched code, if you have.

Anyway a translated template will make you save lot of time in future.