Translating dynamic content

Hi guys

What is the best workflow for translating dynamic content coming from database ( created by admin and other users via their CMS ) in yii2?

I understand translation of static data, like translating application interface, it is very easy. But what do you do when you need to take data from database and display it in user selected language ?


Some choices :

  • volontary choice : ask them to translate their post in supporting languages and stock multiple content in database with a key on language (same article in different lang)

  • use translation api (ex : yandex, microsoft bing api, etc…)

I hope that help


Thanks, I guess that I will have to go with the first solution, since I can not find any tutorial or documentation on how to use yandex or other in my application.

Maybe you can think using microsoft bing api witch is well documented :

  • access token and subscription

  • Samples

Advantage : The Microsoft Translator API is available through the Windows Azure Marketplace. they offer a free service usage limit of 2 million characters per month as well as paid monthly subscriptions for higher volumes. (yandex, google are not free at all)