Translate application using DbMessageSource

Hello; first all thanks for paying attention;

1.I read definitive guide yii 2 but could not find an example for i18n from database so I really don’t know how to do it

2.I would like to put a combobox so that whenever the user select a language the application be reloaded in the selected language.


hi commun

you can get information tutorial-i18n

another tutorial tutorial

i hope u help :D

i read those articles but the problem is they are not explaining how to use database(an example) as message source and what I want is to use database as message source

hi again common :D

so, in yii2 i never use the db for store translation messages :mellow:

but i read the guide and see this part:

you should change the settings to use yii-i18n-dbmessagesource, now i haven’t time to make an example , sorry. :(

here a error config issue yii2/issues/1239

Thanks again!!! I read that part but the main problem is implementation(how to use that Dbmessagesource class in practice.