Transition period (old website --> new yii-based website)

Hello (from France) to ALL,

We have an old PHP4 website and we decided to rewrite it. Now we have to manage the transition period until all features would be rewritten using Yii!

Does Yii propose a way to have the old PHP source files beside the new yii-based website components (or the old PHP files INTO the new yii-based website directories) to offer a double access to the users : new features would be yii transactions and old features are old existing php4 source files) ?

Thank you for all ideas and proposals.

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No reply, no help, not a problem for anyone!

Was someone in front this problem while starting a re-design of an existing website?

Thank you for your help or comment.

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Well, I’m going to be doing exactly the same thing with my current project. I haven’t thought out the transition in great detail yet :blink:

In my case the existing site, while PHP4, is not really a web application as such, with an entry script, so I can treat it like static pages. Should be easy. If your case is different and you do have an existing entry script, it gets trickier.

Maybe just leave the old project as-is and redirect single parts via .htaccess to another folder which contains the unready yii project.

That’s what I’d do. Then at some point flip it around, as the Yii app takes shape, redirecting old bits to the old project.

Hello to ALL,

Thank you for your ideas and comments.

Best regards.

Long and beautiful life to Yii …