Transferring Yii site to a new server


I have a site, which was developed by another developer using Yii, that needs to be moved to a new server. The site files contain:

  • A .sql file (which i assume is the databse)

  • A "public_html" folder containing site assets as well as a yii folder (which i assume is the yii installation)

  • And a "protected" folder, which contains folders such as controllers, views, models and so on.

I would like to host this site on a shared server such as GoDaddy or Bluehost or Hostgator etc. but because i have minimal experience with yii, i am clueless on how to go about it as the site has already been developed. Please how do i successfully transfer these files to a new server? What steps do i need to follow.?

Thank you.

  1. If it’s already launched you need to back up its database and restore it instead of that SQL file.

  2. Looks like Yii 1.1.


  1. Download files from old server.

  2. Export DB from old server.

  3. Upload files to new server.

  4. Import DB to new server.

  5. Make sure public_html is your web root. Rename this dir if needed.

  6. Solve possible directory permission issues.