Transaction setup


I am doing my first commercial yii project. Its an interactive website and eventually will have a CMS, for a recruitment company.

I am a php dev with about 1 years experience, and I also have Jeffrey Winesett’s Yii 1.1 & PHP5 book which i am about 1/2 way through. I have done most of the front-end of my project. The whole MVC architecture is new to me but i am getting there.

I am a big fan of SQL transactions, and using proper constraints. So I am currently using MySQL with InnoDB tables. e.g. begin… some sql, then a commit or rollback.

I wanted to know if there were any good resources/ways or even new add on classes which i could use to extend CActiveRecord or something that i could use to implement these.

My workmate has also done a Yii project and he managed to get a few static functions written, but i was just wondering if there was any part of the framework that could help handle this for me.