Trainer Wanted

I’m looking for someone to teach me Yii in NYC. I have a fair amount of PHP experience, but need someone who can help me crack the learning curve on MVC framework coding. Please reply to riddleyw at aol dot com.

Hi and welcome to the Yii forum

For start I would suggest you to read and try to understand the Definitive Guide to Yii -

This way you will get some basics about Yii and will know a bit more on what you know/understand and what you miss/don’t understand… only then start to work with a tutor…

Im from New York as well. Contact me at

before some time i also thought so, but Yii guide and forum is enough to learn Yii and MVC architecture Yii documentation is quite good and you got everything on yii forum what you need to develop.

I learned yii by being forced to develop some websites for some clients, I just picked it up and learned it as I go. There is nothing better then being under stress and deadline, you learn much faster