Trace Variable As Integer Strange Behaviour

Hi guys,

I’m trying to trace a variable in my code that is an integer and it appears to be logging it to the file as a different number.

Here is my logging route:



    'levels'=>'trace,error, warning, vardump',


And the code:

$chmod = 0777;

Yii::trace("---------------------- chmod: $chmod");

And this is the line in application.log that is appearing:

2013/01/16 10:07:19 [trace] [application] ---------------------- chmod: 511

The line should say ‘chmod: 0777’ as the variable has been set but for some reason its displaying ‘511’.

Operating system - Ubuntu 12.10 Desktop

Web server - Ubuntu 12.10 Desktop

Browser - All

Yii version - yii-1.1.12.b600af

0777 octal is 511 decimal

In PHP integers starting with 0 are considered in octal notation -