Too Much Relations Could Make The Server Slow?

I know that the relation in the model will help the model wrap as much as possible tables and column depends on the conditions. If currently I have 20 tables and more than 50 relations. I feel that it is slower than before. Could it happen? :lol:

see this


to see sql e memory usage

Hi clonevn

Except the advices of @jneto and @fburhan89 I question you …

  1. Is it nessesary this task to completed on one request?

  2. This task must be done on every request ?

  3. May be have to thing a cron job task every certainly time or using Yii cashing system

Post more specific details :)


Personally I do not think that relations are making things slower unless the requests themselves are not efficient.

I noticed recently that setting up behaviors is slow (see for a workaround) and to find what is slow for you, profiling may help you to the anwser.

Thank you all for your ideas. My table is big because of too many exception and one models could do 3 tasks differently. That’s why it is big, could not change anything in the database. This time is about optimizing the system. I will try your suggestion and get back later :).