Hi all!!!

I’d like to share with you all a new app I’ve been working on the last weeks. It’s an app I started to develop in order to test some new things I’m learning about Yii and other technologies.

It’s a simple GTD task management app. The core functionality is very basic:

  • Simple and intuitive.

  • Quickly create tasks.

  • Creating lists to group tasks.

  • Assign tasks deadline.

  • Classification of the tasks by priority.

  • Predefined filters to find tasks for today, tomorrow, next week or later today.

  • Quick task search by description.

  • Tasks can be marked as completed.

  • Elimination of tasks and lists.

I have already a bunch of new features planned, such as:

  • Spanish and French languages.

  • Modify the user’s preferences in terms of time zone and date format.

  • A tutorial mode which explains step by step how to use the application and the basic principles of GTD.

  • Assign tags to tasks.

I’ve added also a Feedback tab, so anybody can send suggestions of features to be added, bugs or feedback, all of which will be very appreciated.

To finish I would like to thank the Yii community, and everyone who has helped me to launch this first version of the TonkaList. I hope you like it!



very nice look and feel, works great! good job.


Thank you very much!!!

Great start to a very nice application. Let me know if you need beta testers!

Hi! thank you very much! I’m glad you liked it!

It looks great! Nice and clean layout also, not a mess like other sites :)