To Build An App Which Datastream Are Uninterpretable

hi all,

someone asked me to build an application which manages critical information in law :

if should be ‘unhackable’, but if someone tries to hack, no names of persons, location

or any relation to real existing cases of law should be found.

i’m not very experienced with serversided apps (anyways : i love java se, but didnt proceed

successful with javafx any similar)

at first i guess these things should be realized

 (to do with html,php,js,ajax,css and mysql) :
  • contents in database should be encrypted as far as it makes sense

  • sql-intrusion in form fields should be avoided

  • sql-code like INSERT,UPDATE,DELETE are StoredProcedures

  • SELECT is the only sql-code which appers in php-code

  • table- and fieldnames are numbered, no meaningful chars

  • https is used

-> this way -i guess- all datastreams between server and client

dont contain any human-understandable information, are not meaningful

is that done enough ?