To become a co-founder?

We would like to expand our team of developers and therefore we need reinforcement for our pre-alpha-prototype as soon as possible.

What already exists:

  • Technical project management (CTO)
  • Open source framework licence
  • Specification book and GUI mockup are given.
  • Evaluation completed and basic functionality given.
  • Custom GIT repository and bug tracker given.

What your profile should include:

  • Co-founder only ā€“ no companies
  • You are familiar with the terms #YiiFramework and #OOP.
  • Nice to have: #LinuxComandLine skills (SSH).
  • 10h/week minimum commitment as a #CoFounder
  • speak, read and write English

Current core tasks:

  • Successive adjustments based on GUI prototypes.
  • Custom developments and implementations.
  • You work 100% #remore

If this shoe fits you, I would be happy to skype with you / talk to you on the phone.
Forgot something ? Looking forward to your PM. Best regards! :nerd_face:

Hi Donklc,

i can assist with your Job post,

please check PM


Hi @donklc Iā€™m interested and very willing to help you with your project I already created 3 applications from scratch using Yii2 they are accounting software, hotel management software and a payroll system. You can skype me at oldfutureit.


Thank you for your attention.

Before you read this message, a short info: we prefer only cofounder. We are not interested in companies. If you should read on now, then I ask you to follow the following steps:

1.) We present you our employee stock ownership plan (#Esop) if you fit our team and give insight into Business & Status Quo (

2.) Before we give an insight, you have to print out our NDA, sign and send us the photo. We also need a photo of a valid ID card / passport (

3.) Once these two points have been clarified, I introduce you to our CTO. He will ask you some questions.

4.) If you have convinced our CTO, nothing should stand in the way!

Thank you very much for your understanding.