Title Of My Posts As Url?

Hello all.

I am building a new site for my project, and I will be filling it will all the content from the current site. I simply need the new URL’s to fit my current site’s URL’s, so I won’t have to redirect everything.

I need the URL’s to look like this: www.domain.com/this-is-my-topic .

Can this be done? The URL has to fit the title of the post, in the exact way as shown above.

Yes, this is possible

check ext






Thank you so much! I will have a look at this.

I’ve come a little further now. The URL looks right now, but it needs to happen automatically, so it creates the URL’s dynamically, when you write a new post. How can I do this?

There is also a section of the website, that needs a word in the URL, som it looks like this: www.domain.com/artists/this-is-an-artist . It’s the same URL-construction, just with the word added. Can it be done?

Thanks in advance.

Yes it can be done, start researching and find the solution.

I’ve been looking around quite a bit, but can’t seem to find the right solution.

I would really appreciate being pushed in the right direction.

Have a database table called artist, in it have a field for artist name and one for slug, call it slug/nice_url/seo_url/etc.

When you add a artist, say Artist Name, generate the slug/nice_url/seo_url based on the artist name and save it in your table, so you’d have artist_name = Artist name, slug=artist-name

Next, create a ArtistController, with a index action like:

public function actionIndex($slug)





Next, add url rules for this.

'artists/<slug:([a-zA-Z0-9\-])>' => 'artist/index'

And that’s it.

Wow, this sounds promising. I will give it a try, thanks!