Tipsy Extension

Hi all,

Couldn’t post on the main Tipsy page …

Attached is the latest JS code + CSS + images which would work as advertised by the original Tipsy author (Jason Frame).


Thanks taiff for the updates.

Hi, I use your extension recently (updated version from this forum).

This is great extension.

I also take a look at the demo site of the original jquery tipsy plugins to look for alternative uses. There is one question to ask: How can I trigger the tipsy when a control (input, select, or whatever) loses focus?

I hope you guys willing to answer my stupid question… hehehe…


  • these are latest version of files (remove .txt from file name)

  • replace js file with /protected/extensions/tipsy/resources/jquery.tipsy.js

  • and css file with /protected/extensions/tipsy/resources/css/tipsy.css

  • hopefully, it will fix arrow problem

Shehzad :)


Thanks for sharing this. that is what i was looking for. It really helps me to sort out my problem with merchant account provider. Thanks gain

Hi Guys,

Small change to the extension, but necessary for content loaded via ajax.

add a variable to the class to store the live value,

class Tipsy extends CWidget


public $live = true; //Add this

and in the run function’s foreach loop add the following if statement to set the value.

// OPTION: live

if (isset($this->live)) {

    $params['live'] = ($this->live) ? : false;


if (isset($item['live'])) {

    $params['live'] = $item['live'];


Now live events are registered, so tipsy works between ajax calls.



Hello out there,

I do not get the Tipsy Extension to work.

Seems like I am missing something.

I do not get any errors in Firebug.

Here is my code:


$this->widget('common.extensions.tipsy.Tipsy', array(

  'fade' => false,

  'gravity' => 'n',

  'items' => array('id' => '.thumbnail'),    



    <div class="thumbnail" id="FMDBThumb">

            <img src="<?php echo $data->ImagePath ;  ?>" alt="">


Any ideas?