Tips for Building Modules from the Ground Up?

Hi Yall -

This framework is great so far but I'm tripping up when trying to create a module.

I recognize that this is a new feature, and I can see that the process for creating a module assumes a bit more fluency with Yii than what I currently have.

I used the yiic to get the module set up, but how would I go about implementing a module in an application?

Say for example the TestDrive application thats in the 'Definitive Guide' - how would I be able to set up a module and get a link to it and have it display in that context?

Any help would be appreciated.


After you enter into "yiic shell" of the testdrive, you can use "module test" to create a module named "test". Then modify your app config to enable this module. You will be able to access the 'default' controller of the module using: /index.php?r=test or /index.php?r=test/default

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so i need to create models, views and controllers inside my module similar to what i would do for the root of the app?

do i need a layout and index file in there?

Please check the 'help' information for 'controller', 'model' and 'crud' commands about how to create the classes for a module.

No, you don't need a layout for module. The application layout will be used by default.

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