Tinymce with elFinder or other filemanager

I installed newtinymce and it is working like a charme. Since it is uncomfortable to write path and filenames when one want to put a picture into a text - I wanted to install elFinder (a filemanager).

But after several hours trying to install elFinder (a filemanager) I gave up.

First question:

is there an easier to install filemanager? What do you use?

Second question:

Maybe someone can help me to understand the "connectorRoute" from elFinder to connect :

My view:


        $this->widget('ext.tinymce.TinyMce', array(

            'model' => $model,

            'attribute' => 'hilfe',

            // Optional config

            'fileManager' => array(

                'class' => 'ext.elFinder.TinyMceElFinder',

                'connectorRoute' => 'admin/elfinder/connector',




I don’t understand the “connectorRoute”. What ist ‘admin/elfinder/connector’? It looks like controller/action/???

I have tried

    'connectorRoute' => 'controller/action',

I tried with one of my Controller/Actions but still got an error: "no valid serverconfiguration".

Hope I can find here other people, who use tinymce :slight_smile:

I think the best file manager is extplorer. You should try it http://extplorer.sourceforge.net/

This is a really nice filemanager. But before using this one I would like to get the elFinder to work. I have seen it running and and has nice features.

Someone here who can answer my question 2 above? Or give me a tip?

It’s really a nice filemanager.