TinyMCE mentions in yii

For some reason I get an error when I enter @ the list box is getting fill with my source but here is what I see in chrome debugger:

jquery.js?v=1504808392:818 Uncaught TypeError: rbuggyQSA.test is not a function

at Function.Sizzle [as find] (jquery.js?v=1504808392:818)

at jQuery.fn.init.find (jquery.js?v=1504808392:2792)

at jQuery.fn.init (jquery.js?v=1504808392:2909)

at jQuery (jquery.js?v=1504808392:75)

at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (index.php?r=space%2Fspace&sguid=4bcfe53f-6d04-40e1-8f35-d733a6247f82:166)

at HTMLDocument.dispatch (jquery.js?v=1504808392:4737)

at HTMLDocument.elemData.handle (jquery.js?v=1504808392:4549)

at jquery.js?v=1504808392:1189

at assert (jquery.js?v=1504808392:909)

at Sizzle.setDocument (jquery.js?v=1504808392:1183)

Any cue? thanks


I hope you will get some response in stackoverflow

He is asking a question that is

  1. imcomplete with not enough information

  2. probably a TinyMCE issue, not a Yii issue.