tinymce does not work

I want to add text editor in my form I use tinymce

when I work in local host it’s ok

but when I work inline I get issues please see the pics and help me

Any 404s?

It work in local host but I don’t know why when I publish it inline I don’t get nothing

there are no issues, just blanck in the position of texterea

I didn’t change any thing when I publish it inline but why it’s not working?

Have a look at the list of requests sent out - are there any 404s?

I encountered this issue when using 2amigos/TinyMce…install firebug extension and check to see if you are missing any files on the Console Tab.In my case, I was missing an en.js in one of the folders…Look for it locally or look for any other en_**.js file and rename it. Be sure to put it in the folder required…one of those auto generated ones by yii in assets

I think it’s problem with librarys Jquery or permessions in the directory tinymce but I don’t know how to fix it

Try to gather error information using your browser’s developer’s tool, as Patrick and Aeonia suggest. It should tell you what file the browser failed to get.