Time for 1.1.11?

A few people in #yii@freenode.net have been asking when Yii 1.1.11 will be released. Naturally, we haven’t given a time frame because we don’t know one, but I’d like to raise the question that perhaps it’s time to make a release of the current stuff?

The reason people ask is almost entirely due to bugs having been fixed, and they want to run on a version containing those fixes. I don’t know specifically which fixes it is though, I just know a bunch of ppl have asked by now.

Nooo, not yet. There are so many enhancements left I’d like to submit! And I haven’t finished my rpm packaging efforts :lol:

But it’s true: The changelog for v1.1.11 has grown into impressive proportions. Might be about time.

Edit: Hm, looks like there’s already a v1.1.12 milestone.

Yii 1.1.11 will come this weekend:


Oh snap. I thought I could finish #313 before that.

[color="#008000"]NOTE: as this is not a bug report, moved to General Discussion for Yii 1.1.x[/color]

Thanks :) I put it in the bugs section because the post was about bugs initially.

Updated to 1.1.11 on my local copy. Looking good, no bugs found so far.

The ‘enableHistory’ for CGridView works great!