Time ago and UTC time problem..

My app will launch in the US.

However, US do have several time zones.

I am using jquery’s time ago plugin but found a problem.

I save UTC time in my database (I guarantee it is UTC time not local time).

And jquery is using getTime() in its javascript which I believe should return UTC time, too.

However, it appears that getTime() is return the local time because it always gives me X hours ago even I just post the comment…

I really have no idea about what is going on…?

UTC(now)-UTC(post_time) should correct…? Why there is a time-zone problem????

any ideas?

This is PHP itself not Yii. You should use this.

<abbr class="DateTime" title="<?php echo date(DATE_ISO8601, $profile->profile_last_activity); ?>">

    <?php echo date('M jS, Y', $profile->profile_last_activity); ?>


<script type="text/javascript">

    jQuery(function($) {




Thanks man!! Works like a charm!