TidyRead - Mobile Reading Experience

TidyRead (My link) frontends uses Yii framework. Thanks for such a great tool. Your feedback are welcomed.

TidyRead is a service to turn your web reading into a fast, smooth, no-fringe experience on iPhone, gPhone and other smart phones by using its invented proprietary content extraction algorithms.

Firstly TidyRead renders web pages with better readability as an-easy-to-read manner, similar to eBooks, by accurately extracting the context text and removing the cluttered materials independent of lauguages. Then formats them in the way that is easy to read on small screens of smart phones. Since not all websites provide full content RSS feeds, TidyRead accurately extracts the full content from webpages.

Secondly TidyRead extracts headlines from homepages of blogs, news and content sites with high precison, then presents a list of headlines that fit well on small screens of mobile phones. After clicking each link, TidyRead further extracts the full content. Comparing with RSS feeds, the homepage has more items and better information flow.

Thirdly TidyRead proxies embedded images, then shrinks the size before sending them to mobile devices, hence saves the bandwidth and provides fast browsing experience.

Fourthly TidyRead organizes your reading list and ranks them according to your daily reading patterns. It also orders the headlines by pushing up the new items and pushing down the visited items, in this way, it saves you from scrolling on small screens.

Fifthly, but not lastly, we are working on collaborative and social recommendations that will recommend you new content sites and headlines.