$This->Redirect Problem

As link

and link

i’ve found this link

that reafirm what i’ve been trought.

Help apreciated.

LOg file from host

Ok. So… Whats happening? Can you explain better what’s going on?

Why did you create this thread for the third time?

[size=2]You’ve got all needed support in previous ones and didn’t answer the last support-questions there.[/size]

Have you set up environment according to what softark suggested? So post there your results to continue the problem search.

blank screen,as if suddently framework disapear, this is what i have, no errors,nothing

ok i got Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/casasdap/public_html/protected/models/Casa.php:2)

a space in begginning of the class. Thanks and sorry for the mess.

Thank you guys.

And gals ;)

Nice to hear you finally found the cause of your problem.

@ yugene :-*