This forum password reset

Hi, im not sure if this is the right place to ask. but i forgot my password, so wanted to do a password reset. but it did not allow me to give my user name, i had to give my email address. but most people have multiple email address and i forgot which one i used to register. so not allowing username for reset is very inconvenient.

plus when filling out the wrong email address, it says: no user exist with this email address. meaning that it provides a way for others to test if email exists in database. which from privacy standpoint is not the most recommended way of doing resets.

and after the reset i still had to log in. It would be nicer if the password reset link would log me in to the user account page and let me change my password there.

Yes, that would be good. Not our biggest priority for now though. Busy with Yii 3.

You can report it as an issue here: