$this->assertTextPresent( '<sjis japanese>' ) doesn't work.


I began my Yii testing.

Testing environment is installed on Windows:

  • Yii 1.1.8

  • PHPUnit 3.5.15

  • Selenium 2.7.0

It looks fine except of one moment very critical for me,

because my web site is written in Japanese (Shift JIS).


&#036;this-&gt;assertTextPresent( 'japanese here' );

doesn’t find actually existing text.

English is found without problems.

I would much obliged if somebody could advice

something or just any idea.



By the way I call same Japanese tests from Selenium IDE fine.

Maybe a problem of PHPUnit <-> SeleniumServer communication?

No problem, we just have to use UTF-8 always for

clean phpunit/Selenium communication.