Theming Widgets views

I am trying to change a view of one of my widgets via my theme

my widget is called UserThumbWidget, its default views are under: components/widgets/views/UserThumbWidget/aview.php

therefore, I did: themes/mytheme/views/UserThumbWidget/aview.php

I have the following error:

UserThumbWidget cannot find the view "UserThumbWidget/aview".

I call my widget like this:


$this->widget('UserThumbWidget', array(

        'userId' => $model->job->user_client_id,


Doesn’t anyone have an idea? I guess I am missing something… :huh:

Try adding a [color=#1C2837][size=2]UserThumbWidget directory:[/size][/color]


Or change your widget render to code to render ‘aview’ instead.

yes, your first solution worked! :)

However, I don’t really understand why it needed an extra directory…

thanks a lot, jacmoe!

That’s because themed views for widgets is put in a widget-named directory in themes/my_theme/views.

That would normally be themes/mytheme/views/UserThumbWidget/aview.php

However, since you have chosen to put the view for the widget into it’s own directory, you need to put the view into a directory of the same name.

Or put differently:

For normal non-themed widgets, their views are in a directory called ‘views’ in the widget directory.

In your case:




Since you’ve added an extra directory, you need to add that extra directory as well.

I sincerely hope I didn’t confuse the heck out of you now. :P