theming or asseting on a simple system

Hy I’m new on YII Framework and when I start to get deep on changing layout I start wondering something.

¿is necesary or mandatory or at least a good practice to set a theme when you develop something that you know it’s not gonna be shared??

I mean, I’m building 2 projects and I know that none of them will be shared among other projects (because those project are not plugins or similar) so.

¿do I really need to set a theme or I should simply override the default Asset bundled???

Thanks in advance.

As long as you’re not touching anything in the vendor directory, you can do what you want. There is no best practice as far as this is concerned. But to answer your question no - you’re not required to set up a theme.

I used to always use a theme while working with Yii 1, but now I never use a theme while working with Yii 2.

I recommend that you don’t bother with themes whenever your application does not require that functionality. :)