Theming CJuiTabs won't work properly

Hello, I’m theming jui widgets accordingly to my website theme. I’ve followed this nice tutorial and tried to fix it by this topic but still…

Basically I’ve rolled my own theme on Jquery website and edited config file as following


    	// enables theme based JQueryUI's

    	'widgetFactory' => array(

        	'widgets' => array(

            	'CJuiTabs' => array(

                	'themeUrl' => '/bancadeltempo/css/jquery',

                	'theme' => 'default',


            	'CJuiButton' => array(

                	'themeUrl' => '/bancadeltempo/css/jquery',

                	'theme' => 'default',




At first it was like this



But then, themed, appeared like this



Also all tabs are opened in stack, pressing tabs button just make them disappear and appear back.

Colors are right but something must have happened to css I suppose, even CJuiButtons now appears smaller than before (thought it’s fine to me).

Any hint?

I’ve solved copying the default css to the rolled one (on the head, so that new rules would override them), but it still seems hackish to me:(