Theming a module

Hi Guys,

this is my first time, to creating a web application with yii. I must say, I’m impressed about yii and I think I like it much more then my old favorite cake.

But since 2 days I’m really frustrated, because I can’t make, that yii load a module view from my theme folder.

So I follow the instructions on this site (Specially point 2 - Creating a Theme):

In the main.php file under protected/config/ I have changed the theme:

return array(


	'theme' => 'standard',



The module controller is here:


The view ist here:


I created the theme folder structure and file for this module in this way:


But when I refresh the site, yii load the view from: <!-- BEGIN: /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/si/protected/modules/post/views/post.php -->

What I’m doing wrong? I know it gives already a lot of similar posts here, but no one could help me… :frowning:

Thanks so much


delete Applications/MAMP/htdocs/si/protected/modules/post/views/post.php and leave only the theme file.

Thanks for your answer, but then I get a CException error with "PostWidget cannot find the view "post"." !?!