Themes In 2.0


As probably some of you know, I’m running the Yii Themes site, where you can download ready-to-use skins for the Yii framework.

The changes in the 2.0 release will greatly effect my initiative (providing FREE designs for Yii developers), so:

1 - is there any way to know what will change regarding the way Yii will handle themes in the future?

2 - Are we gonna be able to just "drag-n-drop" our current (1.1) themes into the [font="Courier New"]themes/[/font] folder or we need to address some changes? (I assume the last one, but not sure)

I’m definitely willing to invest more time/money creating these themes, but I’d like to know how much is going to change so I can properly prepare my resources.

I’d be more than happy to participate in some sort of alpha/beta testing process (especially for themes) if that’s possible …

thanks guys,


  1. Not yet but theming will be available in alpha release that will be pretty much public.

  2. I think there will be some changes.

Thanks Samdark for your quick response! I’ll wait a little bit then :)