Themes - can't get it to work

Hello everyone… i tried everything i could think of but for some reason cant get themes to work.
i started with … i watched some youtube and searched online, but the solutions i found online refer to older versions of Yii and do not work for me. does anyone know where i can find a resent version of Yii2 basic app with themes folder and at least one working theme inside, so that i can use that as an reference for making my own yii themes. thank you.

oke, i partialy fixed the problem. i was getting this error: “The view file does not exist: app/views/layouts/main.php”. where it keept looking for files in my views folder and not my themes folder. turned out there was a small mistake in my “pathMap”, so small that i did not notice it, and the errors did not say anything about path in pathMap does not exist, ore selected theme does not exist or something like that. which would have help alot to find the problem.

so my question now is: how could i have found that the paths in pathMap were not working?