Themed Assets

I am brand new to Yii (just a few days into it) and I’m trying to walk before I have learned to crawl.

I am writing an application that will employ themes but have some basic questions.

My application uses the automatically loaded jquery.yiigridview.js and pager.css files which are deposited by Yii in the project’s assets folder but they need to be ‘theme’ capable and therefore can’t really exist in the assets folder!?!?

As these files are automatically loaded by Yii from a ‘common’ directory, how am I supposed to theme the components, or tell Yii to use my CSS and not the one it automatically loads as default?

I see a lot of references in the Forum to extensions and wrappers for jQuery components but unfortunately, these Forum postings are from/between people that are more familiar with Yii than I am and I can’t find any simple ‘step by step’ description of what needs to be done in which files to enable the common jQuery components to be themed or whether or not they MUST be wrapped or extended, or relocated to a different folder, and if wrapped or extended, which is the preferred method, etc.

Can anyone direct me to a URL that will explain all this to me?

Thanks for your time!

Specify the css file: CLinkPager::cssFile, CGridView::cssFile


Seems simple enough… where (which file) do I do this?

(told you I was a beginner!)

Ah-ha! Got it.

Thanks for your help.