how to create a new custom theme in yii framework??????

Have you read the Definitive Guide to Yii?

Here is the section on theming -

I am new to yii,Can you please explain me from the basic of creating a theme?

I’m not sure what to explain more than it’s written there…

Anyway this is "advanced" stuff…

As you are new to Yii (oop?, mvc?)… I would suggest you to first get to know a bit Yii…

Go to this link and download the theme you want and

YII Themes

Just place the zip file into the themes folder, unzip it and set the theme in the main.php config file.

I have downloaded theme and unzipped it in theme folder but what kind of changes i have to make in main.php config file??

As mdomba said, please read the documentation.

You have to add:


to do main.php config.