Theme Layout Problem


I have installed the Shadow Dancer Theme from webapplicationthemes dot com.

The problem is that the views are being overwrited but the layout is still the same from "protected/views/layouts/column1.php", the original.

I followed all the steps from the yii guide and the theme website. I tried it also on a new yii installation.

In Controler, extending from CControler, the layout property is set in "//layouts/column1".

Anyone had the same problem?

Sorry for my english and thank you for any help.

Do you have:


If not, copy the originals layouts to the folder above and edit to your needs.

set you layout to "column1". in your controller and change your column1 widget call to following

I did not test code but this should work

Thank you for your suggestions, I tried everything but it’s always showing the original layout.

I don’t know, obviously I’m doing something wrong because this is a very basic functionality for the framework.

I read somewhere problems with layouts and themes but I think the are old issues.

Fixed it…my stupid mistake, it was a permissions problem. I didn’t use the console to unzip the theme zip file…


glad you got it working