Theme folder for CJuiWidget


on this thread I was looking for a way to avoid to specify the themeUrl parameter each time I use a CJuiWidget based widget…

Now I think that it would be great if the CJuiWidget will look for a "jui" folder inside the user theme folder and automatically use that one as default if it exists.

So if the user has two themes he can also have two different jquery ui themes that fits the layout / graphics of the website using the current theme.

An alternative could be to provide a ("pre-") configuration layout for widgets / components so that you can "override" some properties of a widget (and widgets extended from it) from your config file.

What do you think?



I think this is a great idea, I’ve been trying to minimize the impact by adding a parameter to the yii params for theme info (but i still have to copy paste the same theme info).

Thanks for this:

now this should be solved ;)



Just in time eh? :lol:


are you experiencing the problem reported here too? ::)