The Yii Book!

Nah, you don’t.

If you haven’t visited the book sub-forum, you haven’t… ;)




No problem, and yes I agree… we have probably all seen our share of development books that have poorly written examples. I almost didn’t post on this matter at all because of that reason.

I just offer this post because, just like myself and a few others on the Yii irc channel, others may expect more of this book since it seems to get the Yii approved stamp as it was advertised on the Yii site’s front page. I was hoping that this will serve as a place for others to find a notice that they will have some leg work and reading of Yii core code and a real good grasp of php in general to make these examples work. It is not an easy walk through.

I guess on some level though, this book could be considered a real good lesson in debugging and tracing code since that is what it takes to make these examples work. ;)

Also, My co-worker and I have documented many errors and have a completed version of the application code base (as done using older and newer versions of Yii) as well as all corrected SQL. If anyone is having troubles with this book and needs answers I can zip up and send individual files, SQL, or the whole trackstar tree (Yii 1.1.2 or Yii 1.1.4). I can also answer questions on many of the topics.

Please understand that our code tree’s are in Linux (not Windows) and in the end the 1.1.2 version of the app tree works perfectly well against the 1.1.4 framework. It only mattered because the Yii generated code did not match the books code in models/controllers so the examples load->model() did not match the generated load->model($id). However, bother versions are valid and work perfectly well.

I suggest tossing up a code repository with the corrected application code, and tags per Yii version, would be quite helpful.

Still, you are in the wrong place David. :)

Get help or offer your insights in the Yii Book sub-forum, please.

As for repositories, a quick search for ‘trackstar’ at Github: (by the author of the book)

And three more repositories if you search Github.

Bitbucket has a few, and so does Google code. ;)

jacmoe, you are correct I was unaware of that page. However, this page does not mean that I do not have valid complaints… in fact, quite the opposite. It says that they are 100% validated and documented.

If I had not had valid complaints, the publisher would not have offered a credit for these valid points to myself and others!

That said, I am glad to see that Yii’s developers address these issues and they are being documented. It is a nice gesture, and a testament to their willingness to help their userbase.


You had not posted yet when writing the above comments. You are correct of course, again I was unaware of the sub-forum. I will in the future post there on this matter. When I did a search for the book in the forums this was the first link returned so this is what I saw.

Should have looked closer at all returns I guess.


They are valid, of course. :)

I know, because I have that book too.

It’s a great book, but not perfect.

What programming book is?

Ah, good, so David could simply fork those projects to post his 1.1.4 code :slight_smile:

I recently discovered Yii, fell in love, and have started digging in. I’d like to buy this book, but after hearing of the the many non-trivial typos (one reviewer on Amazon says this ties for “Worst book ever”), I am hesitant to purchase it. However, if there were an up-to-date errata page and a download of fixed code samples, I would be more inclined to buy it. I’ve listened to Jeffery Winesett’s screencasts and they are very good, so I know that the book must have some really good stuff in it. Also, I’m an old school procedural programmer (Fortran/C/assembler) who is trying to learn OOP and modern, best practices programming techniques (agile/testing), so this book looks to be a good fit for me.

Does anyone know if there is an errata page and an up-to-date code sample download? I searched but could not find.

Help? Thoughts?


Jeff Roberson

Salt Lake City Utah

p.s. Hi everybody!

There is a whole forum section dedicated to Jeff’s book:

Errata is here:

Also there will be another book released in September written by me:

As samdark mentioned, there is a discussion forum and errata section in the forums here.

The book is indeed helpful and informative, but bear in mind it was written for Yii 1.1.4 (if I recall correctly).

This means that in terms of Yii functionality, it’s quite a bit behind.

The typos are quite abundant, and definitely non-trivial in a number of cases.

The advantage of that book, is that it shows a test-driven approach to development with Yii.

If instead, you would prefer to read a book that goes more in-depth in explaining areas of Yii that aren’t well known, and not covered (or at least, not covered in-depth) on the Yii site, samdark’s own book makes an excellent read.

I purchased the RAW version, which means I have access to a number of chapters prior to the book’s final release, yet those chapters were still very informative and helpful. I highly recommend it.

Considering Yii has much functionality that seems buried or not commonly discussed, I found samdark’s book more valuable, and I’m eagerly awaiting the final release :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick responses. Now that I see there is a subforum dedicated specifically to the book, I’ve gone ahead and ordered it (typos and all).



1.1.2, not 1.1.4.