The Xdebug Extension Is Not Loaded. No Code Coverage Will Be Generated.

hi guys,

i have problem when trying to generate test report using Xdebug.when im executig one of my test ie.,

 phpunit --coverage-html reports unit/ProjectTest

PHPUnit 3.7.1 by Sebastian Bergmann.

The Xdebug extension is not loaded. No code coverage will be generated.


Time: 2 seconds, Memory: 10.50Mb

OK (2 tests, 8 assertions)

But i have installed this xdebug and added it into my php.ini as

zend_extension = "/usr/lib/php5/20090626/"

But i dont know why i am getting a message like it is not loaded.please help me if you have gone through a situation like this



hi guys,

this is solved when i have installed the xdebug through synaptic in ubuntu 12.04.

Thanks anyway.