The Web is broken for me, and it's all your fault Google!

As you know Google hosting Yii frameworks files. Letting Google be your CDN is quite cool, but there's got to be something wrong. Here in Iran we get silly "HTTP Authenticate" popups upon each request to that service; not just clicking on "OK/Cancel" multiple times hurts - but not loading frameworks files will break the web page entirely.

Here in Iran websites are categorised in one of these three:

  1. Those which are censored by the government

  2. Those websites which will throw us "Forbidden" (a.k.a 403) while visiting from Iran, and

  3. Those innocent ones which don't really believe we Iranians should not use their services, but they just consume hosted files in the services like one Google offers.

(well there's also some rare ones which works just fine, but come on they don't deserve a separate category :-P)

So, please stop using Google's service (the other annoying one is Google code which does not let us browse project's pages, checking out from subversion repositories …)

I call the web "broken", and it's all your fault Google. :cry: