The Transition To Ruby

This means that Yii will no longer be in php ? and all php programmers, you can forget about Yii ?

It probably is an April Fool’s Day joke, don’t worry about it. :rolleyes:

Sure it does mean that ;)

LOL, great! :D



I’m joking

Awwww, come on. Just admit you fell for it ;)

It hurts… I know that It will be that… but still it does

But speaking of rewriting the core and letting all the jokes aside: What I really like about Yii 2.0 is the new YiiScript compiler which "translates" existing PHP code down to Coffeescript, which itself compiles down to vanilla JS then. And because reinventing the wheel really sucks its leveraging existing JS MVC frameworks a la Backbone.js or Ember.js (Ember.js being the default). This means that Yii becomes more or less a PHP wrapper for Ember.js/Backbone.js which is really awesome.

Consider this:


class Person extends Model


    public $firstname;

    public $lastname;

    public function compile()


        return 'ember';


    public function getFullName()


        return $this->firstname . '  ' . $this->lastname;



will automatically be compiled (note the compile method in the example above) down to:

App.Person = Ember.Object.extend({

  firstName: null,

  lastName: null,

  fullName: function() {

    return this.get('firstName') +

           " " + this.get('lastName');

  }.property('firstName', 'lastName')


P.S.: As a dependency node.js will be required for server-side stuff of course


The Transition To Ruby will NOT be a Lucky event for Yii. since we have chosen Yii as a PHP framework!


For what I’ve heard, you can still use PHP to code, the framework compiles it to ruby later :)

The only disadvantage I see, is that it only works on Raspeberry Pi systems :confused:

means what?

no longer php?

or php and ruby together?

or it was just a joke?

I hope it was just a joke?


You can read a lot more information about Yii 2 transition to Ruby here. ;)

thank you.

so it was just a joke.

but why in the official Yii news site it happened?

@Shahcheraghean: Have you read this:'_Day?

OK. thanks a lot.

very good idea :D

You can safely laugh at anything posted on April 1st :)