The top ranked php framework

This site ranks php frameworks based on the developer’s reviews.

Yii has the top ranked php framework so far, I just wanted to share this with you.


It’s great! Also note, Prado is in the top too ;)

Yii is new related with other frameworks so there is the need of time to be known.

I saw this page many months ago and yii were below 6 or 7.

I can’t believe CodeIgniter is second and does not have merely half the features Yii provides us. I feel blessed using Yii 8)

btw, did you hear about DooPHP ?

They said it is even faster than Yii!

…and benchmak was performed on Cherokee web server 0.99.16. Never used that server and never seen it on shared hosts…why don’t they test on apache?

I wouldn’t trust, theres every day a different ranking and eventually the frakework with the most people voting there wins.

It says nothing about quality or publicity imo.

I tried many other framework like CI, Zend… before staying with Yii.

I heard about Yii in the first time because of its performance. But now I found that Yii is very powerful and extensible, imo this is even better than performance issue.

So if someone convince me that some other framework is even faster than Yii, Yii will be my best choice because it has all great thing I need. :lol:

Check out the DooPHP code then you know why it’s faster and you may also realize that Yii is much better to work with. ;)

Can someone explain what’s big difference between CI and Yii? Obviously it’s a great product too.

As someone who is trying out Yii because I’ve found codeigniter somewhat lacking, I’ll try to answer (albeit with my limited experience of Yii):

1 - Codeigniter supports both PHP4 / 5, is a mixture of OO and procedural code and doesn’t make use of PHP5 only functionality, for example auto_loading, so you end doing stuff like this all the time:

$this->load->model('auth/user'); // have to load the user model

$this->user->is_logged_in(); // use the user model

The lack of PHP4 compatibility also has the effect of reducing flexibility, one of the big reasons I am trying out Yii.

2 - Codeigniter includes a lot less out of the box, no console, no modular functionality, no auth / acl, limited form stuff (validation + helper, no form building class), very light active record implementation, very basic caching etc.

People are of course able to use various libraries written by Codeigniter users to fill these gaps, I wasn’t really comfortable relying on 3rd party libraries that could be dropped at any time (as many of them have) for what I consider core functionality - auth for example.

3 - Codeigniter is not updated very often (about once every 6 months) as it is under the stewardship of EllisLabs (they make a CMS called expression engine and quite rightly spend most of their time attending to that, their business), so you get the situation where a security flaw or serious bug may not get fixed for half a year, not ideal.

Of course on the plus side with the slow release rate and PHP4 support Codeigniter very rarely breaks backwards compatibility, unlike some frameworks (Being new to Yii I don’t how it fares in this area).

4 - They do have a very big community 116,000 members of the forum, although given the number of posts per day is only marginally more than here, I do wonder how many are active and how many have left for other frameworks.

5 - It has a very low learning curve, so is good in that respect for anyone new to frameworks or MVC.

I’ll stop babbling now.

Thanks Neil that helped me.

I agree 100% with Neil I worked with CodeIgniter for about a year and a half. It’s a very good framework, easy to learn. In fact it was my first exposure to php frameworks, the community is fantastic and lots of people bend over backwards to help you sort your problems out (if you demonstrate that you have done some work yourself) Yii is my second framework and although, I am not ruling out using CodeIgniter again, I can’t think of a reason why I would choose it over Yii.

Yii appealed to me because it is pure OOP and I wanted to take my programming in that direction. Another thing that I realized was the fact that most of the community contributed code is trying to achieve what Yii already has.

I am very happy I have taken the time to learn Yii, I still have a long way to go but the consistent approach of the developers makes learning Yii easier once you get your head around a few things. I have to admit, I have read the definitive guide about ten times and I am only now feeling like I understand everything in there!

I am sure that a lot of other programmers especially if they are more familiar with OOP would have an easier time getting up to speed.

It is interesting to note that my first real CodeIgniter application is the frontend for my first real Yii application. Currently I am working on an enhanced admin panel for my client using Yii!


doophp is just a MVC Framework i think but there no

features i think.

I tried DooPHP and uninstalled it from my local server very fast. I’m sure the developer of DooPHP is doing his best, so my respect for that, but no… i didn’t like it from start. The first step: Configure… fail, then learn DooPHP blog is a mess… no overview… so i quit. Yii is the best framework i’ve ever worked with.

I set Yii above frameworks like Zend, Symphony, Symfony, CodeIgniter, CakePHP and DooPHP

I want to note that Symfony is pretty good also, but in my opinion ‘too complicated’ and ‘overdone’. Maybe good for very very very very large web projects with many developers but no… not for me :P.