The Table "user" For Active Record Class "user" Cannot Be Found In The Database.

i build application with yii 1.1x, its working fine on localhost but online it sometimes display error :

The table "user" for active record class "User" cannot be found in the database.

but after i refresh the page it will go back to normal. these problem pick tables at random sometimes it will pick menu,contest,plan … etc(list of my tables).

please if anyone can help i will be very happy because i have spend days already trying to figure that out to no avail.


Maybe it’s the problem of case sensitiv tablenames in mysql on linux (user<>User)?

check the Model path settings in main config file.

i have check the case sensitivity of the table all in small letter and its all small letter where i refer to the table name in model.

the funny thing is that all link will work after some clicks the error will show and if i click again it will disappear.

model path here is my import:

// preloading 'log' component

'preload' =&gt; array('log'),

// autoloading model and component classes

'import' =&gt; array(







// ‘application.modules.user.models.*’,

// ‘application.modules.user.components.*’,






and what i notice is that the error actually occur on moxila browser mostly.

please can someone help me out? sometime it display SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1030 Got error 28 from storage engine.

please i have been trying to solve these problem for 5 days now.

need help please

Click me.

Thank you, i now see that its from my share hosting account because i have tried the same code on different hosting and its working fine.

although my hosting company request if there any setting/configuration they have to do for my application to work, please if anyone has suggestion on what to do on there server. glad to have opinions


I suspect that the MySQL instance that all of the shared accounts use is running out of space periodically.

I would move to another provider, the one you use may be overselling resources. If you want to keep prices down but have maximum control over your site, you could consider something like DigitalOcean. You’d have guaranteed resources, but you do have to know a bit more about managing the server.

Thank you very much. i guess i will have to decide on if i’m going to move out if no solution, although i have some other accounts with them, but i have to make the decision soon anyway if they dont offer any solution.

Thank you Keith

If anyone should know how to remedy that error, it’s your hosting provider. I’d be tempted to move on if they can’t sort it out.