The search box should find forum posts by default

Here’s a suggestion about the search functionality on this forum:

There are two search boxes on this forum page. The top one searches the official documentation, which makes sense. So it’s natural to expect that the lower box would search the forum posts. But it doesn’t. Instead, the default behavior of the lower search box is to search the documentation, not the forum posts. This is non-intuitive, redundant, and confusing for new users. This may result in frustration and redundant posts.

As a newcomer to this forum, I myself did not realize that the second box does not search posts at all. So when I searched but obtained no results, I assumed that no relevant posts existed. It was only after carefully testing the search box behavior that I realized that it searches only the official documentation. It was not immediately obvious to me that you must click on the gear to search the forum.

Now that I have discovered this, I know how to search the forum for relevant posts, so I’m not mentioning this issue for my own sake. However, for the sake of other newcomers, I suggest that the second box should search the forum posts by default. Or else there should be a clear indication that it does not do so. Well that’s my feedback anyway, and I only mean to be constructive.

To be clear, when I say "second box" or "lower box", I mean the white box to the left of the green box & magnifying glass.

For reference, here’s how I tested the second box:


[*]I copied one of the longer post titles, such as "Lost authorization when using subdomain" or "How do I create and call a custom class"

[*]Next, I pasted the title into the lower search box.

[*]Then I pressed Enter, or I clicked the magnifying glass.


This procedure did not yield any search results at all. On the other hand, if I search for a single Yii term or a phrase that exists in the documentation, then yes, I can obtain results, but they do not include forum posts.